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Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Frustrating Day

I've discovered that a number of my files for podcasting are corrupted. When I say "number," that translates to a full, oh, 90% of the things I've recorded.

It's really disheartening. It feels as though this thing might never come together for me. One thing after another is a roadblock, and I feel like my credibility is under attack. I promised this for Thursday. I need to swallow my pride and consider the fact that I may not be able to live up to my word. It really sucks.

I don't think I have unrealistic expectations with the podcast. I think it's just that my timing seems to really suck. Everything's failing to come together properly. Every time I'm about to record, something comes up, and then when I get something decent laid down, I learn that all the files are corrupted. It turns out I can't have more than one instance of the program running (ie: more than one window open) at a time, or it distorts the speech. Frustrating.

Sigh. Bah. What can a girl do, huh? Not much. Life is generally frustrating this weekend. It was good for a while yesterday, but that was when I was under the illusion that I was actually successfully recording. You see, it played back fine on the initial run, but after I saved them all, then I was having problems. Weird. Well. Now I know.

I just want it done with.

On the upside, there's about 3 minutes of one track that's bang on. I think it's exactly how I wish to be captured. If I can tap into more of that, I'll be perfectly happy with this venture. But there's an if, eh? Well. Back to the grind.