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Friday, September 08, 2006

Insert Your Own Title; I Don't Care!

I have had The Day From Hell.

I walked into work and within 15 minutes, knew it would be A Day.

I'm not gonna regale you with my tale of woe. Bad banking things occurred, great stress was doled down from on high, blood pressures soared, and sooner or later we found Resolution to Woes of Many Kinds. I left work highly frazzled.

The plan was to go for a long walk in the woods, but I was just too burned out. Tomorrow, definitely a walk will be had. And maybe a rainy walk around the neighbourhood tonight. Because make no mistake, the Human Barometer foresees wetness and wind. And I'm all right with that. Bring it, baby.

There's a definite chill on the air tonight, too. A crispness that indicates winter's either just coming or just going. Guess which this is? The onslaught has begun. Autumn has reared its head. Leaves are turning, blowing, falling. The death of summer is imminent.

All I can say is: Thank God I had not watched the season 2 opener of Weeds earlier in the week. A few laughs have hit the spot. I have episode 2 on tape as well, so I'll probably watch that tonight or I may savour it for tomorrow. I'm torn. I can also say: I'm thrilled I had not one, but two beers left. The other will be killed before long.

I'd record podcasts tonight but my throat's a lil hoarse from the weather change that probably looms within the next 2-4 hours. I may give it a go anyhow, or maybe I'll play with the files I have done already. I hate editing. I really, really do. But I guess it's got to happen. Maybe later.

Yawn. Thank fucking God it's Friday.

And wow, what a caustic downtown core it was today. I saw many people doing many mean things to other people. What the hell was in the air? C'mon, people... Can't we all just get along? If peace is good enough for Rodney King, it ought to be good enough for one and all. Amen, man.