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Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's MORNING already?!

Bah. I have my monthly friend visiting today, my first since going off the pill, and the PMS is the same as ever -- insecure, yada, yada, but it's settling down after a couple days of that. Nervous Steff on PMS, oh fun! I'm dreading the cramps that I know will hit me by noon.

Then there's the ever-present dilemma: Do I have coffee, and make the cramps worse, or not have it, and get a blinding headache? Yeesh! OH, TO HAVE A PENIS!

Podcasting: I've decided to take the easy way out. I will use things I've already written about on my podcast. I'm gonna try to decide what the best topics are to tackle, but if ANYONE has tips, please, friggin' email me or comment or something.

Second jobs: I did get a nice email from the goodly folks who used to employ me for six long years, and they've said they have work a-plenty and any weekend I feel like earning a bit, let'em know, and work will be had. THIS is awesome news. When you're in my potentially precarious financial position, it's nice to know there's a safety around. I don't want to tutor, but I did know it would always be there. Now I know I can cut the rope and move on. I don't know that I'll work for them much, but maybe I'll surprise myself and want the money.

Sacrifices: I'd love to go away with GayBoy to Disney this winter, but that'd involve a lot of extra work, or something finally coming together re: advertising or such. Right now I can't afford the price I've been paying these last two months. It's completely killing all my creativity.

Writer's Blahs: It used to be that I'd just walk down the street and the way a woman would gesture at her man, or a conversation in a store, or any random item would send me into a fit where I'd have to rush home and write. Now, I do it because I'm procrastinating. I have no good ideas; I just coast.

It's very underwhelming on this side of the page and I dislike it. I want to feel the ENERGY that comes from needing to write again. I think I'm taking the right steps to getting there.

Owie-Be-Gones: Oh, I had this two week period where it constantly hurt to write, and it turns out that it's my forearms that are too strong, too tight, and those muscles are pulling tightly on all the muscles in my hands. So, I need to stretch more. Figures. But that's a good thing! There are counter-attack measures.

Today's to be a good day: I will figure out what to talk about, spend an hour or two in the early evening recording, or maybe late tonight. Breakfast is going to be awesome: Leftover cornish game hen sauteed in sundried tomato/basil butter with scrambled eggs. Had this on the weekend, and holy great breakfast, batman! Some of the best eggs I've ever made. No onions or peppers going in this morning, but still! Then I get to ride around Richmond grabbing a couple things for work. When I get to the office, I get to write for the day. Or file, which gives me time to think. Then a back adjustment, and maybe a quick walk in the forest. See? A good day! Followed by a Friday. Not bad.