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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In My Brilliance

I thought I'd shave some money off my budget by cooking a frozen pizza before work, and then taking some for lunch.

Except that I put the 15-minute pizza in about 45 minutes ago and thought about it while lathering up in the shower. So. So much for budget-saving, huh? Gads. The thing's a black pie. And I have to keep my windows closed all day so roofing dust doesn't come in. I get to come home to the stale scent of burnt pizza in 11 hours or so. Yeesh!

As far as "how my day'll go" omens, how do ya think THIS ranks? Fuck. I'm so blonde sometimes. Maybe I'll be a victor and go get some Ginger Beef from my fave Chinese place downtown instead. That'll teach the universe to try to fuckwitmaday, huh?

(And it was a Sicilian pizza. I weep for its senseless, needless death. Black. Black!)