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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's a Groove Thang

It's concert season again! Hurray! Next month I see not one, but two killer bands in the space of 5 days! Gomez AND the Detroit Cobras! Fuckin' A. The latter? A wicked $15 gig at my fave venue in town -- the inimitable Dick's on Dicks! Which sadly will close in the next year or so. Hear that? My heart weeps in advance of its closure. Fuckers. IT'S A GODDAMNED HERITAGE SITE! What the hell! Rock'n'roll heritage, but still!

The Detroit Cobras -- 'cos any band fronted by a chick who's been an exotic dancer AND a butcher has got to fucking rock like all get out, baby. Yup. Steff's got a groove-thang on the go.

See that? This stone's been gatherin' moss. Must get rollin'. And rockin'.