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Monday, September 11, 2006

Another Day, Another Drone

For the first time in weeks, if not for the first time since about February, I'm reasonably well-rested before my week starts. I have no bags under my eyes. Remarkable!

I didn't get much done on the podcasting last night but I got a couple "interstitials" sorted out. The x-guy used to do some work on college radio, so I pestered him and he laid down some amusing tracks, plus provided me with a good idea for background foley sounds, and that opened up some other ideas for me. It was helpful and good and appreciated, and at least I have SOMEthing ready to go. A woot indeed.

Thanks to playing with the interstitials, I've learned some tricky new ins and outs to editing as a result of that, and it no longer freaks me out. I turned one very innocent track into a dir-r-r-rty track, and now it's quite funny. Tonight I'll buzz away again at it.

Now that the dust has settled from my recent roofing, they've begun roofing the next door building -- three times the size of mine. I suspect my asthma is to trouble me until October now. Lovely. It still hasn't settled down from the first bout of roofing. Grr.

Well, if I bust a nut I can maybe create another edited file before I take off for work. Ooh, accomplishment! We LIKE accomplishment.