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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Up by 7?!

I was up by a normal time. This is remarkable. But a good start. If I plan to work six days a week for the next few weeks, it's a habit I'd better get into.

Monday, I'll drop one of my students. Happily. It's two brothers and they annoy the hell out of me, and they just don't really care. There are two kids I'll continue teaching, and one teenaged guy. They're keepers.

I may, however, do this six-days-a-week thing for the next month or two. I don't want to, but I need to, if I want a new wardrobe and shit like that. At the end of it, I'll buy a six-month gym pass, then pare back the work drastically, and focus on other areas of my life.

I may change my mind and do that sooner than later. If this compromises my writing the way I expect it to -- and it has already been compromised by the stresses and the depression of the last month or so -- then I might choose to protect that, instead. I've worked too hard to build up my blog traffic, plus, I need to focus on the podcasting, as well.

Anyhow. This is where I'm at today: Standing back and looking at my life like it's owned by everyone else but me. But at least I can stop it when I want to.

Tonight I play with podcasting gear. I have everything I need, finally, and I'm going to plug it all in and see if I can record something. Ooh. Exciting.