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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dude! You're Getting a Piece of Shit!

Remember that old Dell ad? "Dude, you're getting a Dell!"

Yeah, well, I have one, and it's a piece of shit. I've had this fucker for just under two months and in the past three weeks or so, I've spent no less than about five or six hours, but probably more like eight or so, on the phone with tech support. I've already had to completely reinstall Windows once and do THREE system restores.

I call bullshit.

And again tonight. My thoughts? Oh, come home, check Craig's List for a few potential jobs, 'cos I'm not really done looking just yet; still nervous about my new job and its security, so I'm covering my ass and keeping my resumes circulating in case things should go sideways on me, that's all -- despite liking the people and the potential the job offers for the future. Whatever.

So, in backing shit up the other day before the Windows reinstall, I cleaned off my drive and put my resume on disc, etc.

Tonight? Fucking CD-ROM drive wouldn't work; no power! (Of course, that's the only access I presently have to my beautiful resume.) Mother-fucking-hell-raising-cocksucker! So, again with calling Dell.

And you know what really pisses me off? I'm terrible with accents. Absolutely awful. Throw an accent at me and I'm almost lost. Dell? They employ nothing but people who are fluent in many languages, and almost none of them have English as a first language, all have thick accents. Now, their English is actually excellent, so I don't want to come off racist or anything, because it's not that -- it's me and my hearing aids and a lousy phone, etc. They have excellent English, just horrendous motherfucking accents -- mostly Indian, some French. Either way, I'm just boggled. Absolutely thrown for a loop. Tonight I was on with one Indian chick before my hoisting of my computer cut my phone power and my call got disconnected, then I had to call back again (like she couldn't fucking phone me -- THANKS) and get yet another Indian guy, this guy sounding half Indian, half Scottish.

Throw in the fact that I'm really fucking pissed off at having to be calling YET again, and you have a pretty perturbed Steff. Kudos for the service people for keeping their cool when I was probably at my rudest, considering I'm normally very polite with people. Yeah, not exactly after a career in politics tonight, I assure you. "Fuck diplomacy."

I had wanted to go for a nice long bike ride but now I'm so pissed that I'm probably going to be scaling my ride back a fair bit. Not thrilled about that, but I need to make dinner and need to sit on my ass for awhile, too.

Ironically, I'm going to buy chicken now to make butter chicken. Indian food rocks, just not the accents.

But I'm really fucking exasperated with this computer. How am I ever gonna fucking get a podcast together at this rate?

And YOU, BEE, don't even THINK about entering that window. Fly elsewhere, you bastard! Bee, be gone.

With that, I'm gone. So much for my ambitious gonna-be-a-podcaster plans tonight. I'm feeling more like hurling myself off my third-floor balcony than fucking with my computer again. Now it's all coming back to me: Why I bought the iBook in the first place. Pity it needs an OS reinstall too. My karma's taking a waxing, man.