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Friday, July 21, 2006

a world of hurtin'

it's 2:17am and i've just stumbled in from my gig. just three beers (heineken on special for $3.50!) and then whatever local herbs i found. not like it was a big night of gluttony. good music. nearly 2.5 hours of the headliner. nice to see someone work for a living.

but i fucking hurt. i did a big biking thing yesterday and more of it today and now i'm in a world of hurt and i'm not happy about it! nice to feel active again, though, and i plan to not slip away from it again just yet.

work will really, really suck, but it's a shorter day. right now: chocolate milk and toast with butter and honey. if it don't make the pain go away, it'll at least make me feel happy. :) (okay, well, the stretching and icing i'm about to do should also help. sigh. old)

on the upside? i've made my first bootleg! i fuckin' rock. woot. the first half was a bust, but i recorded in another mode and it worked like gangbusters. again, i say woot.

oh, and yesterday i was contacted by the chick who was my best friend from 17-19. she's been reading my other blog, apparently. how odd! and what a nice face to emerge from the past. perhaps coffee might happen sometime. fingies are crossed. must ice. must stretch. i hurt. oh, i hurt.