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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


...are what I find difficult.

I'm possessive of them. I'm not crazy about sharing, nor sacrificing, my mornings. Working now, causes disruption in the slow-n-easy-till-i'm-good-n-ready morning routines. I am, I proudly admit, descended of sloths. We move slow in my world. When the time appears right, we pounce. Until then, our slothy grasp of time makes progress often a neglible concept.

Thus far this morning, I have played solitaire, eaten eggs and bacon, watched half an episode of House, and conducted sufficient experimenting to now know I do not have to buy new computer speakers. I either have a fucked up sound card, or one of the many codecs I recently installed for DVD and sound purposes has decided to fuck me over.

Either way, I'm troubled by this discovery. Spending $50 is so much easier than needing to troubleshoot this, and now, while I'm needing to light a fire under my ass to learn how to podcast and get my show on the road.

I mean, fuck, it's like comparing Band-aids to surgery. I fucking HATE troubleshooting! Who has the time? Jesus! It's gonna cut into the sloth!

What a pain in the ass. I'm this close to calling Dell Support, but right now have to finish my coffee and my House and get this ass on a bike and into work by 11.

I hate this computer already, and it has only been a month. Motherfucker.

At least I've decided wisely to opt out of my plans for this evening. Instead, I'm going to take advantage of this low-pressure challenge to the high-pressure ridge, and get some cycling in. Yesterday was a 19km day, and apart from a slightly sore ass, I feel fine. I feel good, actually. My left knee had begun to feel wonky yesterday, and riding through it has drastically affected how it feels for the better. Tonight, I'll leave work, cycle around Stanley Park and through to Granville Island and 5th Avenue, onto the bus, and home. It'll be a 30km day, if not more, and I'll cycle yesterday's route tomorrow, then have a couple rest days.

I may enjoy my slothness, but I despise feeling lazy and out of shape, and in the stress of the last seven weeks, exercise was the first to go. I'm making up for it now. I need an outlet, though, and yesterday was the first time I really felt like smiling (without something provoking it) for a week or two now. Must keep it up.

Time to mainline some coffee. Grumble, grumble.