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Friday, July 21, 2006

so, i'm flipping through the channels again, and vegging, natch, and i see that:

a) the forecast for the coming days is hotter and hotter than today. tomorrow, for instance, in the day, it's supposed to be 29 degrees (90) with a humidex of 31 (94) but at night, it's to be 26 degrees (84) and a humidex of 33 degrees (100)! this really means a few degrees hotter than that, though, since that's at the airport, by the water, and who has the money to live on the water? hotter, man. hot enough to melt yer butter on your counter, dammit.

fuckin' hell, literally! i may be catholic, but this is too fucking soon! damn you, cosmos!

that's it, fuck this. i'm making gazpacho tomorrow!


b) that Fargo is on. only an hour remains, but let me tell you a secret: there are pictures of snow in it. ooh. dirty. sexy. snow!

it's like porn for heatwaves.