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Monday, July 24, 2006

complacency, you are a bastard.

when i went to bed tonight, i was thrilled the temp had dropped several degrees inside my apartment since last night. 26/76 compared to 29/83. sleep, i thought, would be no problem.

how wrong i was.

i have been playing solitaire, rather bitterly, for the last bit, as well as reading The Professor and the Madman, the brilliant Winchester book about the making of the OED. i read it years ago, but it's nice to reread it. i'm retaining much more this time, but should be reading it slower than i am to really improve those stats. whatever.

bah, i have nothing of value to add. there's no sense in doing a depress-o-meter because my grumpy insomniac side will overrule anything of value i could write. give me sleep. now! ha. take three here. later.