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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Oh, Praise Be! Yay Me!

Well, my back's still pretty gimpy, but I'm a couple hours out from a chiropractor's appointment, and I'm going to feel much better after that.

Especially since I've just found out I'm approved for the loan I've requested this week.

This means: A good new bed, new couch, a wardrobe for my new lighter, trimmer self, gear for my scooter and winter cycling, runners, a new helmet, and more, as well as erasing all my other debt, including all my behind-the-eight-ball ever-escalating utility bills.

Included in the loan was a request for $1,500 to spend on massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic for my back between now and the year end -- so I can max out my entitlements under my extended health plan, which means I'll get a cool 80% of that back in the coming months.

Today I'm headed to Costco to stock up on meats and fish while the money is flush. All my utilities will go back to zero this month, and despite taking on debt, I'll be adjusting my income by about $400 a month. That's a lot, when you're in my income bracket.

And it's a fuck of a lot of stress off the shoulders of this Steff. :) Now the trick'll be continuing to live under THIS budget with THAT surplus. I think I can do it. I won't need to buy all these things, so, why not?

I'll continue being busy for a week or so as I attempt to find a couch. I'll be leaving for work early Monday, by bus, so I can visit all the Broadway sleep galleries to see what works for me. The sooner I get a new bed, the better for my health, life, and sanity. Mine is fucking destroying me.

I'm so relieved I could cry. I gotta tell you, I'm proud that I've been all grown-up and have requested money only for things I truly, truly need right now, or that benefits me financially for the longterm.

So, yeah, finally... a chiropractor appointment this afternoon, which I had to cancel for one of the weeknights this past week and I've been regretting cancelling ever since, and I get to look forward to the fact that I can actually AFFORD to see a masseuse on Tuesday, and I'll be buying some acupuncture and seeing a physiotherapist, and more. I've been doing everything in my power to heal my back... but this has become a problem I really must throw money at.

And now I can. Even better? I'll get the money back. Yay. Within a couple of weeks, my life is going to be in a whole new place. :) Yay.

Yay, fucking yay. Sigh. I've earned a little reprieve, man.