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Friday, August 22, 2008

insomnia still, and thank god it's friday

well, it's been two weeks with sleeping problems, but they kind of got to the worst point early this week, on sunday and monday, so despite the fact that i've begun finally getting about six hours a night instead of 3, 4, or maybe 5, the cumulative effect of all that sleeplessness has me feeling like a giant slug.

making it through work is mindnumbingly fucking hard this week. i don't have a job that's geared to skating through "stupid" days. toying with language is never mindless.

and yesterday ended with me having to edit the world's worst script, which, i think almost caused an aneurysm to explode.

whatever. i think i'll catch up on some rest this weekend. i hope that i will. i'm keeping my plans non-existent as long as i can in the hopes of getting two late sleep-ins and two early nights.

i'm officially at the "my writing's a chore" stage of insomnia, for sure. i recycled a three-year old post today on the other blog because the prospect of editing any of the nearly-complete drafts kicking around my system makes me want to puke. ha. how's that for honest?

but, hey. still taking extra calcium and i suspect it's why i'm finally beginning to get more consistent sleep.


i find it so, so, so convenient that, after seven years of constantly escalating gas prices, they start MAGICALLY falling just three months before an election? gee. i wonder why that might be.

oh, right, it's because the "speculators" have been laying off after murmurs of possible inquiries to be launched. whose speculators, anyhow? who are these mysterious troublemakers?

yeah, i'm not keen on people who think everything's a conspiracy, but this is really just too coincidental for the skeptic in me not to scoff and laugh derisively. very, very convenient.