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Friday, July 25, 2008

Too Funny Not to Share

God help me that I don't have a camera on me when I freak out over something dumb-ass! Oh, wait, I have. Fortunately I was on MUTE. That was when I crashed my car into a parked truck on a mountain highway with a fucking NEWS camera five feet away, catching me throwing my arms up and miming something ridiculous. But still... I was on MUTE. Praise be. The video still got played at a couple parties. Motherfucking "friends"...

Dude, I have to update my links on this place sometime. Wow. That story I posted in the spring of '06 on here, but I haven't updated the sidebar since fuckin' 2004! Heh heh. Oh, boy. One day. (Part one of my car crash story is here. Part two is here. And it's really, really long, but some of my most fun writing ever.)

Here, enjoy.