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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Easy Being Me!

Dude, how good is this weekend going to be?

Awesome, methinks!

Let's see. Cycling night tonight, not much of a sleep-in. But when life's this good, who needs sleep? Fuck, I LOVE this weather we're getting! GOD. Vancouver in the summer, babycakes. Vancouver in the summer!

Get to go help my brother pick out paint chips for his soon-to-be new home in White Rock. He's had a tough, tough few years and White Rock's home for us. He's gotten a sweet deal on a place and will be renting rooms out to people. The landlord's footing the bill for my brother to renovate the whole place, in exchange also for a slightly cheaper rent (so my brother actually might make money off it every month, affecting his income by more than $1,200 to the positive monthly, when he's a divorced dad paying child support every month--and he really does pay it, and is an awesome dad).

I couldn't be happier for him right now and think this is the start of something good for a guy who's deserved better for way, way too long now. Yay for the bro unit! And picking out paint colours is quite ze knack of mine. Cool. I think this will be one of the nicer times we've spent together in a long while, and I'm happy to be thinking that.

Then I have a date. Mildly optimistic about this one. I have a good feeling. I hope it pans out. Fingers are crossed. It's not often I care about dates, actually. Not many of the men I've met really inspire much in me.

I may have self-esteem issues sometimes and I may have had a shitty few years where I didn't have a lot I felt I could offer anyone, but that was then and this is now, and now I'm a fucking catch, so my standards are loftier than they've been in some time.

That said, I'm tired of averagely smart men. I'm tired of men who are completely unhappy with their jobs or just doing what it takes to get by. I'm tired of men who have no passion in their lives. I'm tired of men who keep me in my cycle of eating badly because of their shitty diets and my weak will; I want someone who's healthy, fit, and will really help me stay on this path. And I still want a literary man. And preferably a little less of a science geek, more of the arts fiend.

This guy fits all those bills. So, we'll see.

And despite thinking I was screwed this paycheque, I've managed to spend $90 and get five new pieces of clothing, and all of them are awesome. I think, anyhow. How good is that? God, I've needed new stuff lately.

I know I've been broke and whining that I needed clothes while spending money in other areas... but I don't think I would re-prioritize anything I've done in the last few months. I think my money-spending has met a lot of important needs of mine in my recent path, and very little of what I've spent has been "blown".

Let's see. Repainted half of my apartment. Bought a new bed and two night tables. Got some lovely bathroom fixtures. Lots of panties, thanks to all the weightloss. (Nothing says "My, you've lost weight!" like your panties slipping down under your jeans as you wander off for lunch at work. Eeps.) Bought a barbecue. I've spent a lot on salmon and Alaskan cod when I've been cheap in every other area of my life, but I feel that's been worth it. Acupuncture, chiropractor, weekly or bi-weekly for both. Got towed. Not optional there.

All in all, yeah, been broke, but my life's been coming along nicely. Not too shabby for three months of spending. Oh, and I've caught up on all my bills. So, getting there, getting there.

But fixing my home up really made living lean a lot more rewarding, I tell you. Having a good home is so, so important. For me, anyhow. The better the home, the better my writing. Weird how it works, but it works.

And now I have three CUTE new shirts, a great pair of jeans, and adorable shorts. Plus at least three weeks to go before I need a haircut. And Tuesday's payday.

And today's Friday and 24 degrees and sunny and I'm about to cycle off to work on a belly of espresso and fresh-baked blueberry muffins.

Aside from the 7.5 hours to be spent at work (or, as I like to call it: mandatory watching of tv in air-conditioned spaces while tinkering with language, with a few nice people around) I'd have to say life doesn't get much better than days like today.

It is a damned fine day to be me. Oh, and I finally weighed myself:

After three weeks of living the slack life, eating what I wanted and lots of it, drinking several bottles of wine, and knowing I'm retaining water today... I've lost 40 pounds. :) So, a loss of 40's my new normal that I can maintain in day-to-day life.

Fuckin' A. Bring on 50!