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Monday, July 21, 2008

One Sick Blogger

It looks like I'm calling in sick to work. Jesus, I couldn't have had a worse sleep if I tried. I mean, it's 5:31 in the morning and I'm blogging.

My last stretch of sleep was a whopping 3 hours, but I've been waking up every 90 minutes before that, as if I was somehow comprehensively alarmed or something. God forbid I hit a rollicking second hour of complete sleep!

I'm sick, I'm tired, I'm bitchy, my head hurts, I've got vertigo, and I am NOT a happy camper about it. I'm going back to bed in a few more minutes to hopefully get another couple hours.

I mean, it's JULY. Who gets a nasty head cold in July? BAH.

Well, on the upside, I've not been sick since last September, so it's been nearly a year, but STILL.

It's bad timing. Isn't it always bad timing? It's bad timing. Fucking head cold. But it's the vertigo that's pissing me off, too, because that's what'll keep me home more than anything. I've had some bad patches yesterday and Saturday that I've been lucky to be at home for. Nothing like a rush of dizziness and nauseousness that completely overtakes you for a spell. Vertigo sucks.

And, as far as I know, there's really very little that can be done for vertigo. But at least I know I've had it when being sick before and it's always cleared up ahead of getting completely well, so I'm not worried.

Just pissed off. Mmf. :P Well, back to bed. I usually love heading to bed, but when I've had a bad night's sleep it's always sort of dejecting to return to bed with this scant hope of rest. Grr.