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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

State of Cycling Report

Well, the goal was to cycle three times this week for a total of 90 kilometres, and I think I'll make it just dandy. As of today, 55 down, and we're three for seven days in the week, since I sometimes work weekends. ;)

Tonight I came home the slightly longer way, even though I was pretty wiped, and noticed that I've shaven about 5-6 minutes off the "longer" ride since I started it in May. That works for me. Especially in heat when wiped.

I had this horrible "Why did I go shopping today?" experience yesterday that just gutted my confidence. But I guess it really was the heatwave because everything about me looks better today. Everything! Yay. But thinking I looked like shit yesterday was good motivation to get cycling when I wanted to do anything but this morning. :)

But I do notice I have more energy at the end of my rides. THAT is huge. My skin's clearing up, my eyes look clearer. I think I took the right break at the right time, and laying off the last two or three weeks has been a great call.

Thank god. I still have a long road ahead of me, and I was getting kind of concerned about my lack of energy. Nice that I seem to be slowly sorting that out through diet and rest. Good on me. Yay for not feeling like death. Feeling alive, even. Shocking and weird.

Another couple weeks and there's hope yet for me. Whew. Anyhow, the goal is to continue cycling three times a week to work. That's actually only 75 kilometres, but I'm hoping to cycle a huge ride Friday night, some photography and me-time, and that'll cap my week.

But... if I decide to just cycle home, I'm so fucking cool with 75 kilometres. I'll make up for it with weights and stomach crunches on the weekend. Whatever. 75 clicks is about 4.5 hours of decent cardio. Throw some weights and stuff in there, and shazam. Damn fine week.

But that's the goal for the rest of the summer. Until I'm dead and need a week off, then the cycle continues, I'm hoping until... November? December? Less, but still cycling once or twice a week, I hope. There's always the dreaded stairs.