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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Music, Music, Music

Aye yay yay! My place looks like a mess still, but I've gotten so much done! [My bathroom tiles look like they're brand-fuckin'-new, my kitchen's been scoured, including my fridge, which has now been cured of the unruly soy sauce incident.] I want to get my pad finished off before I head to Costco for three very important things: toilet paper, thai pizza, and painkillers. How's that for priorities being straight, eh?

I'm copying still more CDs to my computer. In all my years of owning computers and CDs, the two have never met. I've never bothered before now because all of my computers have sucked shit. Slow, boggy, small drives. Why bother?

So, I've finally got this one up and running, with its 2x1 gig ram and 440 gigs of hard drive space. Copying's working. I've got my sound gear all set up except the trusty mic and equalizer, but they're not that important right now. Soon. Everything's running very nicely now.

Listening to music's a pleasure now that it never skips or sticks. Clarity's very nice. I'm enjoying music now for the first time in years. I don't think I realized how much I hated my music set-up. It's ridiculous. But no matter. All done. All fixed.

So much so I'm thinking about selling my trusty old Sony stereo I bought in the Yukon. I mean, it's so big. Back when a five-disc CD changer was the bomb, you know? Whoop, there it went.

I may keep the trusty old equalizer though. Hmm. I shall consult my sound geek friends. Yes.

Sell? Who's kidding who? Why, WHY would anyone buy it? Maybe nostalgia? Just woke from a coma? I don't know. Maybe "donate" is the watchword there. I mean, there's a double cassette deck. [giddy giggling] Like, ridiculous. What took me so long?

The irony of all this is, I was using Napster before anyone I knew. "Hey, so there's this thing called Napster..." Weird, weird, weird.

But this is fun. Listening to the Youngbloods on the Gump soundtrack, just copied Tripping Daisy, and have now moved on to Beuna Vista Music Club. I found my David Fanshawe African Santus recording yesterday, some Zucchero, all my Sinatra, and even Spandau Ballet (snicker, and any John Hughes' type bands you can imagine). I've only got a third of my music on this fuckin' beast thus far, though, and that's about 40 days' worth if iTunes is to be believed. Maybe only a quarter? Gonna take me at least a few more days of this hour-after-hour popping in and out of CDs. Fun? No. Great result? Yeah. It's been two solid days of CD swapping in the last week, tho.

I fucking HATE monotonous, long tasks. But I'm plugging away.

I mean, god, when I really consider it over the years, I suspect I've spent between $5,000 to 10,000 on my music, right? Not including hardware or concerts or the fuckin' beer drank at 'em, or merch, or even any of the fuckin' tapes I'd amassed before CD technology became dominant when I was 15. Definitely including Columbia House, though, those motherfuckers. Not including the music magazines I was perenially addicted to until I was 25.

Being the music mag person at Duthies got me my music mags free till 28 'cos I'd get to skin and gut 'em as a perk (heh heh, used to get all the special CDs from Brit mags with the latest My Chemical Romance or Orgy or whatever), then I stopped, always thinking "I'll look 'em up on the 'net" and then never bothering to stay current.

Jesus Fucking Christ. About time I got this shit done after years of avoiding it. Now I'll have to bravely plan to format my iPOD and make it mate to this computer. Whew. Big commitment there. GASP. The dreaded commitment! Never! Likely next weekend, sigh.

Whatever shall I listen to now? Actually, the Zucchero & Co did whisper sweetly to me last night. Time to check that one out. Handel's copying. Maybe I'll finally start listening to some of the classical and jazz shit I have kicking around. Hmm. HMM.

Time to get to cleaning up. My "timed writing" is up. 20 minutes is all she wrote. Happy fuckin' Canada Day! Wahoo. Have a beer.