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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunny Day Bike Ride... Or Not?

So, I got up, all motivated to cycle to work, and noticed something. My feet felt cold. Like, icy cold. The weather had turned during the night and the sky was mottled grey, filled with the dreary clouds that aren't implying a parting for the sun later.

I look at the forecast. "18 and sunny" it says, for later. "10% chance of precipitation."

Hmm. The tree's blowing around across the alley, my bamboo wind chimes are rattling up a fury. My feet were getting colder. The wind was blowing more.

"Well, I can cycle, I guess... I'll just dress warmer. But do I bring shorts for later? And how warm do I dress in the office, anyhow?"

I mean, it's one of those "Someone crossed the wires somewhere" kinda weather forecasts.

Finally, I decided I'd nix the bike ride and just scooter, so I've been doing a little stretching here. I turn my head for a neck stretch and there it is:

Rain. Lots of it. Not just a light shower, not a heavy one really, but definitely not just a passing moment thing.

So, good call weather guys. Thank god for the Doppler radar.

Fucking amateurs. C'mon! 10% chance of rain? Slick, guys, slick.