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Monday, July 28, 2008

Foodie Monday!

Well, I headed out of work and thought "I should pick up some veggies" so I thought I'd swing by a produce shop, but then I got this urge to get chicken. Then I thought "Why just chicken? Why not ROAST a chicken?"

All of a sudden it's 7.30 and I'm waiting for my oven to hit the magic temperature, and then I'll be roasting a bird. So, 8:30, maybe 9 for supper yet again? But it'll be a GREAT one.

After all, I picked up three wee beautifully ripe tomatoes -- one Rosso Bruno, a yellow, and an orange, all heirloom varieties. The three ran me a little over $3, and aren't even a pound. I bought a nice bocconcini cheese ball, and will just have the tomatoes marinated with the cheese, a little bread with oil and vinegar, and my tasty chicken. Upscale peasant's supper.

But while checking things out at the market, an old friend from a summer course three years ago spotted me! Which is great, out of all the people I'd met in that course, two are of interest to me, and she's one. We fell out of touch, but great to see her again.

Even better, though, is the jaw-dropping "You look absolutely amazing!" reaction I got. :)

THAT makes my day a fuckin' stellar one. Add to it that I'll hook up with my friend again sometime, and things are just ducky. A fine start to my week, period and cramps aside. Ha.

Now... to pop this chicken in, babydoll! Hey, it's only 3.5 pounds... it'll be done in 45 minutes. Wahoo.

(Quick-roast method at 400. I don't find that quicker compromises things. I usually prefer to do it slower if I have time, since I tend to invest more in birds, but this is half the size I usually get. :)