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Monday, July 28, 2008

AGAIN with this crap?

HELLO! Anyone, anyone! Can we get my order right? That was HEALTHY with a side of FEELING GOOD, please? Take this shit back to the hack that conjured it!

Fuck, dude. I'm over my cold, now what happens? Motherfucking period shows up.

And I had this dream last night where I had the most horrific eye infection in the history of the planet, with my eye all distorted and gross, and another gift of huge nodules of puss all over my neck, leaking and UGH. I bounded out of bed this morning, flashed to the mirror, and have never been so glad to see my face in all its cute glory!

But now I have cramps. And I'm bitchy. And I just want a few days of feeling good! Jesus.

Actually, I want weeks and weeks and weeks and months and months and the rest of my life feeling good. But I'd settle for a few days. Grr.