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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Day and My Bryan Adams Story

My blog still won't publish. The other one, obviously, as you're reading this. 36 hours now. Getting just a little beyond pissed, but as it's out of my hands, I'm trying to just chill.

Cycled to and from work today. I'll have to upload some photos later this week. Passing Queen Qlizabeth Park tonight, a couple guys were in the pond, doing the "icky stuff down there" funny deep-water walk with giant poles. The mission, it seemed? Retrieving long-lost Ultimate Frisbees from the pond bottom, since they had several friends standing around, all hanging on to Frisbees.

It was weird.

I'm watching the Idol finale, but I've already checked CNN and know the winner. Pluses to being on the West Coast. The guy I want to win (guess) does. So, yay there. Finally. Aww, Vancouver's own, Bryan Adams is on. Go, Bry!

Did I ever tell you the dick-ish thing that Bryan and my cousin did to my brother when we were all kids? Bryan and Rich were, what, about 20? Still fucking funny to this day, my brother still tells the tale warmly.

Bryan and Pete played music together for kicks in North Van when Bryan was already after a solo gig and was starting to record his music more seriously, so this was, what, '80? 1979-1981, around there. I was about 7, my brother was 9.

Pete's basement was semi-finished but the central bit, where they played, was still exposed concrete and groundwater seeped up sometimes, so there'd be the odd puddle. Which there was.

(Ahaha, ZZ Top is on! Fuckin' a. Now I wanna hear "Sleeping Bag". Who can dislike ZZ Top? Best non-sell-outs ever!)

Bryan, who my bro worshipped, quite suitably, took him and positioned him like a rock star.... smack dab in the puddle. He stands back and goes, "Awwright, here's how the pros do it--" and did the big rock'n'roll 'round-the-world arm sweep/strum of the electric guitar. He takes the guitar off, straps it 'round my bro, and tells him to go for it.

So, my brother, totally keen to impress this amazing gonna-be-a-star guy, throws his arm around and SCHWING-zAp!

The sparks flew. "HOLY SHIT" shout Pete and Bryan. My brother's hair was standing up, he staggers all the way back and crashes into the wall.

Naturally, the guys wanted my brother and I to keep it "our little secret" so they let my brother drink some of their beer. Nice. Pretty funny.

Hmm, yes, so that's my Bryan Adams when-we-was-kids story. That might've been a dick thing to do, but he really was a great, nice guy just playing a typical prank. We like Bry, even if I'm not the biggest fan of his music. That's another posting for a real, real slow post day.

Yay, hump day down, two to go. :)