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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Day for Steff

I don't even know what to say. I've lost 34 pounds. I am finally past that point I've never been able to get past. I've lost close to this amount of weight before, but I've never gone below where I was when I was at 31 pounds lost last weekend.

But now I have. I've broken it. I'm in uncharted territories. And I'm just ecstatic. I've FUCKING EARNED it, is what is what. Yeah, man. I really have.

And I've done it all the healthy way without excluding anything I love from my diet. In short, it's a sustainable lifestyle for me. :)

I'm so pleased with and proud of myself today, and I cannot WAIT for my doctor's appointment at 12:45. He doesn't know yet that I've lost all this weight. He was so visibly disappointed with me last September when he gave me my full check-up. I've thought of his facial expression and his concern often when struggling with the weight.

"You can't let this continue," he told me. "You're approaching dangerous waters. You need to take control."

And I have. And today I get to show him. It'll be great. My doctor's awesome. He'll be so happy for me, and that'll be perfect in addition to the good weather coming our way, in helping me get some new motivation underfoot.

Also, I get acupuncture today, which I'll really appreciate. Relaxing, happy, good. And lighter! Yay me. Yay, yay, yay. :)