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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mm, Burger... MMm, Cheeseburger... MmM!

It's, like, 28 or something degrees out, about 90 F, and it's officially our first sweltering day of the year. I've cycled 35 kilometres today.

Not only that... I cycled past every fucking cyclist I saw today. I did not go slow and take a leisurely ride, I fucking ground it out and cycled as hard as I was able, despite the heat. None of the cyclists I passed rebounded to pass me. They all literally ate my dust. Mm, good eatin'.

I'm spent. I left it all on the road out there, and good on me. Awesome.

Tonight I'm having a well-deserved big juicy barbecued burger smothered with tart heavy English cheddar and topped with caramelized onions. I'll do some "grill fries" for the side, with some asparagus and other veggies.

And I will lie around all bloated and happy like a beached whale. Fanfuckintastic.

I got to tell my chiropractor today that I'd lost 35 pounds. "35!" he exclaimed. He was ecstatic, too. Love that. Not only that, it's 11 pounds I've lost the last month.

Whoop, there it was!

While I'm just wiped right now, I'm certainly starting to feel more energetic these days. Betcha this burger, while it might be heavy, greasy, and evil, helps boost the energy with some tasty red meat iron tonight.

And BEER. Much deserved beer. Beer heals all!

Tomorrow I've got a guest for dinner, but we're eating healthy -- homemade gazpacho, chicken souvlaki, grilled asparagus, some grilled yams, and garlic bread. Last night was grilled fish and veggies, so, yes... burger tonight but I'm obviously still behaving. My FABULOUS ASS demonstrates that, thanks.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be grilling veggies again. So tasty. So right. Yay for me. Yay for charred veggies.

I still refuse to gut my diet of all guilty pleasures. Not happening. I want my guilty pleasures. I need them. I will work harder to have them. And tonight's is a burger with cheese and beer.

Praise be! BURGER! (giggling greedily)