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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's a Bad Monday on a Tuesday, And We're Not Impressed

Oh, shoot me now.

What a fucking frustrating day I've had. Just so many things. Work went fine, thank god. Just a few computer crashes. My website's busted. They've only now figured it out and now the admin's not in till tomorrow so it'll sit untouched till then. Fine, fine. It loads, but the ads don't.

My internet went down inexplicably again. For, like, an hour, while I was trying to work with the tech dude a little earlier, during Idol. Sigh.

And, you know what? For some weird reason, I actually like captioning in other languages. I never feel good about the end product 'cos I have no control over the content. Couldn't tell ya if it's proper French or not. Never mind the Inuit or Portuguese, you know? Still, it's fun. I try to figure it out and if I figure out a whole caption I bustle with pride.


Except when you get hit with the wall of Bad Day on the way to work (a few things all happened before work, of which the website was the second worst, second most enduring issue). Then, you know, spending the first five hours captioning French and Inuit really doesn't help quell the unrested mind. So, wrong day for that, but the good thing is, I think the week will definitely improve. Right?

I did not have a good day. Not at all. I'm not in the least sorry to see the sun set on this one, man.

I'll be able to laugh about today within, like, a week or two. Seriously. It's that fucking ludicrous, the symphony of bullshit that just played throughout my day. Work was fine, though. I just had that "Fuck, I have so much I need to solve and this is just getting in my way" feeling about it, is all. Shit happens.

And yesterday I felt FINE about going to work today. Why? Because I got a lot done!

The website will resolve tomorrow. That's fine. The other issue I don't wanna talk about.

I rode my scooter to work mantra-ing "It's always darkest before dawn, darkest before dawn...".

Ha. Fuck, man. Ahh, just a shitty couple of weeks and then things'll be better. Last week was a pretty good week. All balances, I guess.

But Wednesday's looking pretty fucking sexy to me now, I'll tell ya. DIE, full moon. DIE. Bad moon phase! Grrrr. My weekend's looking good, though, so, there's that.