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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More Primary Babble

Ah! Wednesday! Almost past the half-way point of my week. The gym is tonight, which'll be a little less hard than the 13-km route I've been taking to and from work the last couple days. So, 1 hour 40 minutes of cycling each of the last two days. Tonight I'm more concerned with weight training than cardio, for somewhat obvious reasons. Glad I'm not biking, it's windier today, and colder!

Yay, Obama! Glad to see he took a victory and significantly closed the gap on Clinton in Indiana. Take that, blondie.

Total kudos to Obama for believing the average voter is sophisticated enough to understand that a "Gas Tax Holiday" is just voter pandering and a Band-aid over a vast issue. Silly Hillary. Yeah, saving a whopping 4.5% off a tank of gas-- which is what 18 cents on $4 gallons works out to-- is really going to make a difference in your life... when it starts cutting services the government can offer. Come on, get real. A tax rebate or income tax shift is a much more beneficial way to relieve burdens, and this way it continues pushing people towards finding alternatives to always driving.

Stupid ideas like "gas tax holidays" aside, Hillary should finally get the fuck out of the way, not only because the math says so, but because her conscience should be saying, "Look, the country needs a Democrat to win, and a united party, and this is just dividing, and not to conquer. It's just not working."

When she does finally step aside, Obama will, I am quite certain, take the gloves off and be the contender I think he can be. I think he'll throw more punches, rally more support, and heal the fissures created by Clinton's divisive approach of late. He appeals to Republicans more than she does, the moderate ones, depending on your sources, and can bridge the divide in the party when she's gone. Plus, he's the one inspiring new votes to come out in record numbers.

It's unfortunate she's used so many questionable tactics of late. Politics gets dirty, yes, but I can't stand the McCarthyist "but he knows a terrorist" (correction: former terrorist your husband pardoned, woman) methodology she'd been using. I still respect her for a lot of reasons, but I really dislike who she's become. She'll have a lot of days to reexamine her behaviour and motives of late when this is all said and done.

Yeah, Obama's done some manipulating of his own, but it's been in a way that carries more integrity, I think. He's certainly no choirboy, though.

And we'll see more of that when he's up against McCain, who he's been pretty delicate with of late.

I'm just getting really fucking tired of the limbo we're in with Clinton spouting the same shit, saying she's on the victory road to the White House, when the numbers still don't back it. And in the face of Obama getting mud slung at him from every which way, with a fucking nutbag minister trying to steal the show for an entire week, and she STILL can't close the deal? What's she fucking need, a gift all tied up in bows? C'mon!

Sorry, honey, but the Teflon candidate's the guy who should be running for the office. It's time to heed your curtain and take stage left. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?