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Sunday, May 04, 2008

15 Minutes of Craftiness Becomes an Afternoon of Smug!

Martha Stewart called. She wants her neuroses back.

I reupholstered my AbSwing.

It comes from the factory in this stupid red vinyl with "AbSwing" written on it, because that's exactly what I want to have on my gym equipment that sits in my living room next to all my fancy antiques.

So, I used the same cream/off-white vinyl that my dining room chairs all have on 'em. It's not so "$79.95 at Zellers!" now. Now no one will know it's an AbSwing. Now I'll have to say "Oh, it's an AbSwing".

I did 65 stomach crunches Friday night. If you use this thing right, man, it will HURT the next day. I still hurt, two days later. Laughing and coughing, ooh, it hurts.

But now it's shiny and white! Marth would be proud. I'll go now and do 70 aesthetically pleasing stomach crunches. Delightful. (Puke.)