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Saturday, March 29, 2008

All Out of Joint about being All Out of Joint

I get my back fixed in just a couple hours. I conveniently made an appointment Thursday afternoon when everything felt wonky, came home, and proceeded to throw my low back out, which has meant no sitting since Thursday night, just lying down and standing.

In any case, I'm not the happiest of campers this morning. I'm tired, bitchy, and I want my back fixed.

I made use of my "lying around" time yesterday and spent several hours reread about 4 months of postings, of which I chose about 16 or 20 postings to toss into my "best of" in my sidebar (on the other blog, not here... here, I have about three years of postings to go through for the sidebar... fat fucking chance, that). I have 12 months of postings left to sift through tonight and tomorrow.

I did enjoy reading some of it, though. Better than I thought it'd be, as always, but not by a lot. I have moments of rather startling eloquence, though, which shocks me when I see it some months later. And starts making me realize this "writer's block" I'm always scared of having really doesn't impede me as much as I'd like to fear.

Ah, sigh. More on that later.

I'm curious to see how my chiro adjustment will affect me emotionally... I think it'll be a very, very far-reaching adjustment today. I've had times when I've gone in inexplicably angry, got adjusted, and felt like crying afterwards, for no discernible reason. I think it can lock us up, being all out of joint in a literal way, and sometimes the result of fixing it can be a very jarring experience.

I know I've felt like killing people since Thursday night, and for no good reason. I've nothing bad going on in life, quite the opposite. So all these fucked-up emotions I've been feeling for several days, I suspect they all have to do with having waited too long between adjustments. Everything on my body feels out to a degree.

Anyhow. I'm gonna settle in and watch some of Hustle'n'Flow for a little as I get some gentle stretching done so everything can move how it should under my awesome chiro's hands.

Fuck, I hate being out of alignment. I don't like this mental feeling that everything is wrong, when all that's wrong is how I'm aligned... It's very weird, this dark cloud of oppression that comes with bad alignment. Hmm. Been a while since it's been like this.

3 hours and 25 minutes! Wahoo! Praise Jesus, relief looms. Yay for me and my wonky bones.