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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Food, Food, Glorious Food

I climbed the stairs this morning, 20 flights. Bleh.

But I did it, so that's great. I did 15 flights last Friday and had sore legs the next day... quite a surprise after only 2 weeks away from there. So, 20 today and tomorrow I'll hurt. Not too much, but I'll hurt.

I've also brought free weights into my daily routine. Blah! Ugh! But hey, it's all good. I'm just pissy. It's been a long month and my batteries are completely drained now.

I may have lost 25 pounds this winter but it still feels like I'm standing at the bottom of a big fucking hill and a climb before me. Pretty daunting. It's hard to keep reminding myself that I not only have the tools for success, but, at this point, I already have success and it's just about taking more of what I'm already earning, you know? Hard to remind myself that, yeah, I'm still fat... but I'm a whole lot less fat.

The challenge for the month ahead is to get fully on page with both the fitness and the diet, though. Like, seriously. Obviously it will take a bit of struggle because it's harder done than said, but by the end of the month I want a routine in place for both of those needs. The stairs will remain a part of my regimen longterm... they're just crazy fuckin' effective fit-wise. Really, nothing beats climbing stairs. Nothing beats it. It's strength training, cardio, and toning all in one.

Then there's the food side of things. That's what I need to figure out. I need better healthier recipes. I need one great cookbook that has the sort of easy nouvelle ethnic and gourmet cuisine I want to be eating. I don't think I need to be bored when eating healthy. I want flavour and pizzazz. I want to feel like I'm living the life other people wish they had time for...

And I know *I* can cook that well. I have the skills, but I'm ignorant as hell when it comes to rich, complex food that's lowfat and healthy. Eating that well makes the average life feel extraordinary. I want that.

So this month I need to figure out some recipes I can use for a nice variety of salads and lowfat protein options. I will not starve myself to lose weight and I ain't some motherfucking Jenny Craig lemming who's silly enough to think a life can be lived having to rely on prepackaged foods from some American multinational.

Come on! Turn on a fucking stove! Learn something! Be self-sufficient! People blow my fucking mind when it comes to cooking sometimes. Hell, the me of old blows my mind when it comes to cooking.

The trouble I find with recipes is that I just can't find everything I need for the kind of cooking I wish to do all in one spot. Annoying.

I definitely want to explore lighter Asian fare... I need to learn more about Asian cooking, particularly the more French-inspired aspects of Vietnamese. Also, I want to try more fresh Mediterranean foods. Lots of fresh veggies done with minimal futzing. A little cheese here or there, but done sparingly and as a focus, not as a main feature, you know? Like a little buffalo mozza and grilled veggies.

That's what I really need to get... a new barbecue. I like my Griddler for paninis and breakfast, but it just doesn't have much point when it comes to veggies or meats as a grill. That's because I'm more of a purist when it comes to grilling. You gotta have flame, baby. Charcoal or wood's the best, but gas will do very nicely.

A new barbecue will have me grilling often... I can see myself having a summer of grilled fish and veggies. That'll make weight loss a pleasure. I know I have an inner grilling genius. I can do it. :)

Maybe next paycheque the barbecue's top priority. Costco's got to be getting them soon. Mm... grillllling.

Hopefully by the end of this week my energy will see a surge. I'm feeling pretty fuckin' lethargic after a month of painting and stuff. I'm proud of myself that I met my goals, though. Now it's just about recharging.

...She says as the clouds part and sun breaks through for the first time this morning. Nice. :)