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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sadly, It's All She Wrote

The plan, albeit clearly a naive one, was to get far more work done this weekend.

Well, so that happened. Right. I have, however, acquired a nice chunk of new music this weekend. A weird, conflicting chunk: Imogen Heap, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, BRMC, Black Mountain, Explosions in the Sky, and a few others slipping my mind. Some 9 hours or so playing time, but it's time I get back in the music game.

I got all my laundry done, big accomplishment there, and tweaked all the organization systems I created last week. I've just done no cleaning.

It dawned on me yesterday, with my decision to accept the traded for the desk, I've unleashed an ungodly amount of work upon myself, and the notion of some downtime this weekend seemed far too compelling to ignore. I got a bit done. Not much. Just a bit.

Next weekend I'll test drive a lot of new music as I do horribly ambitious things, like setting up my new desk and reorienting my living space. (Thanks for the thoughts re: keyboard drawer, B, but I hate them. :)

It'll be great to have drawers in a desk. That's not something I have. I've already created new space on my bookshelves to get all my reference books out of my bedroom. By the time I done, there'll be no more bedroom/office, just a bedroom.

I deserve a place of solace. I need one. By the time I'm done, there'll be a reading nook, a bed, a table, and nothing else in my bedroom. Wonderful. I'll print and frame a couple shots in big format, and it'll be a whole new world.

I'll hate having an office in the living room, but I guess I'll have to tidy it up better. I can always change the plan down the road if it's not working out.

Trying something new, though... priceless.


Aw. Roy Scheider died. RIP, Roy. Maybe you'll finally get a bigger boat, Sheriff. JAWS... best worst movie to watch before a summer at the beach ever. Maybe I'll watch it this week. That, the French Connection, and Marathon Man, whew, he never needed to act again. That's it, great resume in 3 brilliant flicks. But he's Roy, man. He brought it time and again.