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Friday, February 08, 2008

Behold! The Terror Propaganda-Monster Rears Its Head!

Oh, oh, oh! This is so disgusting. What a horrible return to the fearmongering bullshit that has largely defined the Bush administration. Just when I started to think a McCain presidency wouldn't be that bad, this freaky coincidental convergence of 'statements' comes out.

First Mitt Romney backs out because he doesn't want to weaken the country by diluting chances of victory against the Dems, but I'm articulating it better than he did. Not speaking ill of the dead and all. Then Bush comes out urging for unity of Republicans in order to avoid falling to the pall of terror by allowing a Democrat victory. Now McCain speaks (each of these events has occurred on successive days) and says how it's urgent the Republicans win or the focus on the war on terror will be scattered, maybe lost.

Fucking shoot me now. What's next, the warning that every house should have plastic sheeting and duct tape? Remember that high point in the Republican administration? No concrete evidence of anything. Whew. Long strange ride its been.

Sigh. I'll be so fucking glad when the Republicans finally shoot themselves in the foot for good. We need another Craig, or another scandalous email-meets-page controversy. C'mon, bring it. It's February and there's a writer's strike. Entertain me, please.


In other news, I've submitted my photos for consideration at a gallery. Cool. Hopes are low but my subset hopes are hoping like hell for a surprise. So, fingers crossed.