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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Poor Britney

I honestly feel sorry for the kid. She's having a complete meltdown and the cameras are there to catch it. Like no one's ever melted down before, like it's some spectator sport we're all privvy to.

And get this load of crap. Dr. Phil shows up when she's in the hospital and was going to film it all. What's he tell the hospital? He was there at the request of the family. A furor erupts and now he's not going to show the show after all. What's he tell his viewers? At the request of the family, he's not airing the show.

Seems like "at the request of the family" is a one-size-fits-all solution for nosy, irrepressible talkshow hosts. Dr. Fuckin' Phil needs a real job. Here's the CNN article on his antics.

As for Britney, isn't it time we just back the fuck off and let her deal? God knows if I'd had cameras following me around during the worst times of my life, I'd have been pretty photogenic too. 'course, I've never been THAT bad, but then again, if I had all the tabloids in the world saying what a loser I was, that probably would've helped jump me to whole new levels. Nothing like a little negative reinforcement to help you realize all your failings.

Poor kid. This keeps up, she's gonna kill herself and her death's gonna be on every single tabloid person who hounded her.