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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ooh, the Election Year's Off and Running

Yay Obama! I'm trying not to get too hopeful on the Obama thing. I really, really want to see the USA go that route. That'd be amazing. Oh, my god.

But I got so depressed when fuckwit Bush won again. Betcha anything in hindsight he wishes he didn't, but whatever. He did, and I was crushed.

And I'm not certain America has advanced far enough to handle a black president. I mean, fuck, nooses are coming back en vogue in some parts. How advanced are the noose owners, huh, and how good are the spotting scopes on their rifles, anyway? Two words: confederate flags. A bonus word: everywhere.

I can't help but be a little paranoid. But if he could win, if he could lead, if America could really get behind that, if this alleged cry for change is genuine... wow. That'd be pretty fucking cool. I want to experience one summer of love when all the artists and musicians think the world has changed for the better because "the leader of the free world" is somebody who has dreams, not goals, who's a master orator and a big heart with a passion for global action. Oh. My. God. My generation has known: Nixon, Ford, Carter (yay), Reagan, Bush, Clinton (yay), and Bush. Not a whole lot of shining light there, man.

That'd be weird... Huckabee (a presidential candidate who didn't understand he was crossing a picket line last night to be on Leno... fucking twit. good luck with that) versus Obama? Whoa. And don't discount the mighty power of Oprah, either. Clinton, third? There's a kicker.

This is the first election year I'm pretty interested to see the campaign trail. Big changes ahead, either way. Ahhh. Not a fucking moment too soon. Hell, oil's a hundred bucks a barrel. All hell's breakin' lose, man. Alternative energy's gonna be a good topic. (Shitgas, anyone?) Hunter Thompson died too soon. He'd have really fucking enjoyed this campaign, man. He always wanted to see a Democratic politically brilliant dreamer in office. I think Obama might've fit the bill.