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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Week That Was

Yawn. I'm fucking exhausted. I could've left work after 8 hours and not felt guilty at all, but instead stayed for 10 and finished the show I was working on, one of my favourites to do which disclosure agreements forbid me to mention, but suffice to say, melikesalot, and I don't think it airs in this country, so I consider myself fortunate and the office was quiet, so what the hell. And, oh, right, I get paid, which helps, too.

But even if it's only been a four-day week, pushing nearly full-time despite four days, I've still fit in two good workouts on my workdays, and I'm pretty proud of managing to at least do that.

I'm going to have a too-busy, too-convoluted weekend, but it is what it is, and when Monday rolls around, I'll have finally not just gotten, but thrown HARD against a fucking wall, at least two monkeys off my back. This is good. Or, it will be good.

Bad monkeys. Bad!

Another week, probably, maybe two, and I might finally have some continuity in my weeks. Soon.

Tomorrow I have to wander off and be self-employed, which I'm not looking forwards to for a few reasons, mostly because I'm tired and I have too many things that need doing, but it's one of my monkeys that needs a little feeding and beating, so at least I'll get somewhere with that.

Right now, though, a bottle of wine is breathing and I'm about to have a glass and enjoy watching TV that I don't need to work on.

If, however, I get one or two of the things I don't think I can get done this weekend done, AND I get at least one good workout in, *I* will be so proud and happy and thrilled. I'm SO wanting it to work that way that when I get up tomorrow and make a beautiful breakfast before I organize my projects for "self-employed" workday out in the burbs, I'm making a to-do list. Yep! A real, live (well, inanimate, but still) to-do list.

How's that for a shocking turn of events? On it, exciting things like housecleaning, scooter estimates, lobotomies, and, ooh, drinking, but still! The possibilities are endless!

Have a great Friday, kids.