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Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Before 8! The Horror, The Horror!

I'm off in a mad panic shortly, to try and save a schwack of cash at the consignment superstore, Value Village. It's the annual half-off-everything sale, and I'm keen to buy a huge amount... if I can find everything worth buying.

But it's before 8, and the store opens at 8. Ugh! I hate early mornings, and on Monday, no less! Here's hoping my shopping karma's good and there's at least a few items worth having.

Fun, fun.


Okay, 2.5 hours later and I'm back from Sales Hell... with little to show for it. Got a good, useful warm coat for walking around and waiting for buses in Frigid Winter Weather, for all of $6 or 7, which rocks. Bought a leather blazer I was thrilled about until I got home and saw the gaping rip I somehow missed, but that's all right... it could be salvageable. I bought a coat one size too small that's rawhide leather and totally something I love, but will serve as motivation to sculpt away some of my fat ass -- maybe by Christmas or New Years I'll fit it. In any case, a great reward for hard work is gonna be what that one is.

There's a shirt that's a little too big but still looks good for the time being, and that's spiffy, and two sweaters -- one that'll look better when I'm 20 lbs lighter but looks okay now, and a nice chocolate chenille turtleneck I think looks pretty decent -- in as much as big puffy sweaters can look decent on people who are already heavy, but fuck it... I need warm clothes this year after freezing my ass off the last couple.

Oh, and a pair of slacks, and a shirt I'm wondering why I bought, aside from the "Yay, it fits!" momentary happiness I experienced. Hmm. Hindsight. All in all, it's all right of a haul, but nothing like I'd hoped for, which is how it goes when you're shopping for bargains at a used clothing store, right?

Anyhow, all of $49 later, I'm off to work. Somewhere there's a big fucking cup of coffee to help me through my troubles. Yeehaw. Oh well. It's a start. :)