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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Trials and Tribulations of Thursdays

I have to jet for work pretty damn quick, but I slept in today... which was awesome. Slept till nearly 9, so it's not like I've been lazing around for three hours or anything.

I'm making rice. It's not even 10, and I'm making rice. I only eat brown and whole grain rice, so it takes forever to cook, and if I'm not getting home till 8, the earliest I eat is 9... next thing you know, I'm sleeping till 9 too.

So. Yes. One small attempt to right my ever-listing universe. Goodness. I'm dreading the weekend already: I have to reckon with my computer. Thrilled is what I'll be when it's all said and done, but between here and there is Shopping with Geeks as I buy the parts needed, then having to try (and probably fail) to back everything up, get it all installed, etc. I fucking hate monkeying around with computers. I'm good at it, surprisingly so, but I hate it. Passionately.

I'm thinking this whole week is one I'd like to turf and do anew. It's just a very weird week fraught with a lot of strange frustrations. It's like the stars are aligned badly or something's stirring the cosmos into a frenzy. Next week's looking about the same, too.

But then... then the computer will have been sorted out, I would have caught up in some of my work with my one "client" and I'd be looking forward to a more normalized life. Yay for small miracles.

Yeah, I think I'm in a weird, weird phase where everything's an effort, but it's kind of coming to an end. Things are good, just... weird. Odd. Strange, strange times.

Soon, though. :) Anyhow. Rice must be nearly done. Must head off to be a worker bee now, then.