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Monday, October 08, 2007

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

In keeping with all the recent week and all, yet another migraine. My neck and shoulders are hating my new exercises, but it's not a "new" kind of pain, so I'm trying to just work through it. I see many muscle relaxants in the next few weeks and a lot of straining to be patient from yours truly, but the only way around the pain is through it, man. I don't think anyone who's endured the kind of accidents and mishaps I have in the last two decades can avoid going through this kind of discomfort when taking regimens up a few notches. The rewards will be awesome, though.

Anyhow. Despite the migraine, I have the last two of four loaves of bread just finishing up in the oven! My contribution to Thanksgiving. Which is where I'm off to now.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (Canadians, that is.)