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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pushing Up Daisies

So there's a new series I only caught a few minutes of tonight, but the minutes I caught were pretty priceless. About a piemaker in a pie shop called The Pie Hole (heh heh) who has a knack for touching people post-mortem and being able to bring 'em back to life. He gets sucked into this murder-solving-for-reward-cash dealie by a questionably-scrupulous investigator. (The nutshell: Bring'em back to life in the morgue, ask who offed 'em, make 'em dead again, take info to solve crime, collect cash, rinse, and repeat.)

It's really hard to get too into it, especially since I saw only snippets, but it strikes me as a hilariously potential series. Could fall flat on its face if it lacks the depth I suspect it may not have and cannot sustain over the course of 26, 40, or more episodes that any good series requires.

But... imagine, if you will, that Tim Burton, John Waters, and Dead Like Me spawned a strange little cinematic lovechild. This, then, would be that.

And snappy dialogue written, it seems, by an unlikely hybrid of Ed Wood and David Mamet.

Yeah, this show could have legs, or it could fall to a quick death. It'll be interesting to see which occurs, but here's me hoping it's got legs like a Rockette, baby.

Pushing Up Daisies -- Wednesdays at 8, right before the Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice.

Oh, and if you're debating "Kid Nation or Pushing Up Daisies" for the 8pm slot, then it's about 180 degrees different. Go for quirky, oddball, and stress-relieving. Who needs to be left feeling sorry for 35 kids? C'mon! The Pie Hole beckons. You know it does. (Yes, I've seen both. Here's to being sick during the opening weeks of the TV season! At least I'm currenter. :P And making new words! Spiff!)