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Friday, October 12, 2007

Murder Afoot and A Torso and A Leg

Wow. Harsh. An aspiring horror novelist has been found with body parts throughout his place. Creepy! The story is here on CNN Dude was writing a book on cannibalism... Ay yi yi.

I mean, write what you know but this is why god gave us imaginations, dude!

Back when I lived in the Yukon, I was in this townhouse complex, in #12, and a few months after I left the Yukon, my roomies told me that down the road at #33 was quite the happening... It's kinda icky, so...

Turns out some guys were sharing the big townhouse and when moving day came (they'd been evicted), the families of two of 'em showed up and were helping 'em get out, but the third roomie never showed up. They didn't have a choice, they had to get out, so naturally the families and friends of the two of the three guys were all helping out to get the guys out on time.

So, they head up to the third guy's room and proceed to begin emptying out the waterbed.

Apparently the water began oozing out and all, but the bed, instead of going flat, became an odd 5-footish lumpy thing. That's when they noticed all the duct tape on the back. Turns out our absent roomie had killed his girlfriend and had been sleeping with her body in his waterbed for some time.

Now... I've never seen written accounts of this. I wish to all hell I could get some verification on it, but my roomies weren't the types to tell tales out of school. Still. Google yields nothing except an old posting of mine. Bodes badly for the factualization, really. And if it ain't true, well, hell, it's a great story. Maybe now that Mexico Murder Guy is gonna be in jail awhile, he'll have the time to write about, hmm?

Y'know, back when I was young, obnoxious, and liked to push buttons ('what, that was only when you were young?') I had a few questions that were invariably gold for causing a commotion when hanging with friends. They included, "If you had to eat human flesh, how would you want it prepared?" and "If you had to kill someone and were awarded points on creativity, how would you do it?" Ahh, youth. Fun. (My answers back then were "gently grilled" and "two words: power tools -- rotary sander?")