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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If I Wear A Flag, I Must Be a Patriot... Or a Sheep.

I shouldn't get into anything 'cos my breakfast is gonna get done in a hurry, but I just want to take a moment to bitch-slap some sense in Lou Dobbs' general direction.

He's up on his high-horse judging all those in the media and government in the last few days who are debating the wearing of USA flags on their lapels. He thinks Bill Moyers is "simply, utterly wrong" that the flag has been co-opted by corporate folk and has been turned into s less than what it once represented.

This whole mentality of "if you're American, PROVE it" is what others find so distasteful. I mean, how stupid are people that you need to continually wear itty-bitty flags to remind others or yourself that you're American? Pretty fucking stupid, apparently.

That's like me wearing a little flower to remember I'm a girl.

I am Canadian. I don't need a bumper sticker or a lapel pin to know it, nor to demonstrate it to others. Why stupid people like Lou Dobbs can't grasp that simple fact is baffling to me.

Read Lou's stupidity here.