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Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and, Doggone it, People Like Me

So I taught cooking camp today. 25 kids over the course of the day. Breakfast for Beginnings for the younger kids in the a.m. and Middle Eastern food (a la falafel, tabouleh, Jordanian white bean salad, tzatziki, etc) this afternoon.

And I think it went over like gangbusters, especially after this afternoon's class! All the parents lingered and ate. It was great.

And that's one huge fucking weight off my mind. I should have known i'd do a great job, you know? It's kinda my realm, food and schmoozing. That niggling self-doubt thing is such bullshit, but damned if it doesn't have to get its word in every single time. But I'm doing well tonight. Good on me. In fact, I need to come up with another recipe for tomorrow, so pardonnez moi as I get my ass cracking on that one.

But you know what? I went totally above and beyond on this course in the way that I did the mealplan/cookbook, since I could've just photocopied recipes and shit. And no one asked me to, either, but I wanted to make it really special and cool and very adult-like for the kids in case one or two of the kids is really into cooking. If I can be that person that kicks off a lifetime passion for food, and all it took was spending a little time taking them seriously enough to write them their own book, well, fuck it. Then that's totally worth all the grief.

Like George Bernard Shaw says, there is no sincerer love than the love of good food.

And that deserves a glass of wine. Yes, I'm proud of myself this evening. Yes, I'm feeling smug. Good on me. :)