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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Thought about Photos

It's too fucking hot to write -- 8:05 and still 35 degrees in South Vancouver. That's 100 degrees for the Yanks out there.

"Fuckin' hot" is how it translates to 97 different languages.

I was just uploading some photographs to Facebook, though, and it occured to me that it's often those things that are so familiar to me that I do best in photographing. I like to think the best challenge for a photographer is to shoot things and places they see daily, because it'll be seldom we succeed in really capturing it in a whole new way, but look out when we do! That's when we're at our best, I think.

These photos all fit that bill. They're ones of things I see all the time, but have managed to capture differently on that rare occasion.