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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pondering the Merits of Clean

I'm trying to turn myself into a tidy-it-up-NOW person. This was a lot of money spent (thank god not mine) to get my place deep clean like it has never been. The stove looks brand new.

It feels so peaceful to be in a tidy state. Nice for a change. I grew accustomed to disarray and I strongly believe that if you have it in any are of your life it can infect the rest of it, too.

I'm using the opportunity to get my entire existed sorted. It's interesting that this should coincide on the weekend of a) my realizing I'm one month away from being on track financially and will have more disposable income than ever, and b) my receiving a free extra storage unit in this building. I can take all the Christmas decor and things like that downstairs, and get my life decluttered up here now.

The more I watch these self-help shows and listen to these people who seem to really have their shit together, I realize that things like how your home is are highly affective to our moods and general being. Me, I've been so cluttered that I've been bad at paying utilities and getting things done in their proper time. It's been affecting all areas of my life. It's been so messy all the time that I could take a whole weekend of puttering and cleaning, and I still wouldn't see the end of it.

I had two women cleaning for 3 hours yesterday, plus I spent a good many hours this week sorting through papers and whittling down my life. All told, it was a good week of work. But had I had to do all the hardcore elbow work yesterday -- cleaning tracking, scouring the stove, scraping the floor, et al -- I'd be fucking wiped heading into my week of work. As it is, I feel great. If I were wiped, I'd come home bagged, would eat, and not clean up at all. Thus the cycle begins anew.

This one little thing -- getting a little help, saving a bit of energy -- can be the catalyst for a whole new phase to begin. It really takes that little change to end an era. I know because I've been here before, but never with it coinciding with a good money phase... even though I've made more than I presently earn. Funny how life works.

Pretty cool how much life can improve in just a few short months. What a neat little existential ball of wax.