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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yowch, and more Yowch!

I've got a wicked sunburn from time spent at the beach earlier. I did a little hike in the woodsies and smelled the moss and enjoyed the dank coolness on a scorcher of a day. Still, I was mopping off the sweat by midway through my stroll. (But must say I was pleasantly surprised by having more endurance than I used to have when I did these strolls once or twice a week for months on end!)

The beautiful hardbodies were playing ball in the sand. Skimboarders competed for lengths on little fingers of incoming tidewaters.

All in all a fine day, and I may even have photos to share with you on the weekend.

Ooh, now discovering freaky bug bites and such. They was eating me alive in there. I'm investing in Off.

I'm currently making strides in my cookbook itinerary for my two cooking courses I'm teaching starting in 10 days.

My "international" course is almost entirely planned out.

Now I have to do the kiddies' course.

Wow. What a loser-looking sunburn. It's not that even hue. It's splotchy-ish. How completely uncool. Maybe it'll even out overnight.

Anyhow. I have to make test foods over the next week, including interesting things like African apple salad, Zanzibar beans with white fish, falafel, couscous, tzaziki, Thai green curry from scratch, and more.

GayBoy, gonna be needing some of your freezer space for the spoils of my experimentation!