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Monday, July 09, 2007

A Pic and Some Wordz

I posted this photo on Facebook and someone said it was their favourite photo ever, which surprised me, so I'll share here.

The moment: I had just shown up at the beach and was about to walk the sand when I saw this girl getting her bum washed by her dad and I thought it was pretty adorable, so I snapped! (I'll write some more after the pic, so scroll down!)

I have lasagna just getting started in the oven. At 8:00 I'll enjoy a glass of wine and a slice of that. I'm taking some to work for coworkers tomorrow, and sharing with one friend, in order to get the quantity down to just 2 - 3 servings for me, 'cos I'm sure there's a gazillion calories in every slice.

But that's why god made gyms!

I may ride my bike tomorrow, but the wind's blowing something fierce tonight and I've no interest in dealing with wind-drag... I'll get too pissy about it all. But I might change my mind. See how the wind's doin' in the AM. There's always Wednesday. So long as I ride twice this week, I'm content with myself.

Happy Tuesday, people.