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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Strange Break in the Middle of My Show to Say "Hey"

Today's one of those days one wishes to be on a Prairie. Nothing but expansive horizons smothered by ferocious clouds. Big, angry, heavy charcoal clouds suggesting bad things afoot.

But here in the city, silly things like buildings and wires and poles and bridges and hills gum up the works.

Still, fucking amazing clouds this evening. It's pleasant standing on my patio with a twilight whiff of summer savory and other assorted herbs (no spices) mixing in on the damp spring air, taking in the view (filled with wires, poles, buildings, et al) and being thankful for a roof over my head on what looks like an intimidating nightfall.

I love dramatic clouds. Makes me figure on taking the camera along with me tomorrow. You know, my apologies about the photography thing. It turns out that my friend's generous gift of a 512mb memory card has caused me to not upload my photos. I haven't been taking a lot in the last week, either. Hmmm! Not good.

I'm officially using my medical plan. Had a massage and an adjustment this week. God, how I love the new chiropractor. Dude's highly attentive, and strong like ox. Clearly I'm in good hands. My body's starting to respond. Turns out my two underemployed years netted me subsidized MSP. Now I can do my appointments for $20 per. Woot woot. I'm doing one appointment a week with each over the next six weeks. I'll be a new woman in a month.

Work is going well. I'm progressing with all the year-end/year-anew stuff. Advertising for the program's done. I did well. Graphics design (by me) on all the new forms is done. Again, I've done well.

We're completing things rather quickly, and I suspect the boss will be able to relax a bit more sooner than she expects. I'm sure there will be calamities in the coming weeks already. We'll cope. Is cool.

Still, I like the challenges. I love the fact that I'm designing all the ad stuff and such, redoing all the school forms and everything with some really snazzy, modern looks. Image is everything, man. I just LOVE that that is part of my job. It rocks my world.

Anyhow. Thought I'd interrupt my night of heavy reality-tv programming to stop in and say hey. So... hey.

FYI: I've been in a really weird headspace all week and I'm sort of figuring out where I stand. It's that just-landed-sea-legs syndrome; you hit shore, think "thank god, land! stability!" but it throws your equilibrium off, and now you're even shakier. We were talking earlier about how, when you finally get the right job or something, you finally have that huge load off your shoulders and suddenly you're emotionally available enough to process and deal with all the emotional baggage you've collected during the hard times. Everything swells up and you start percolating. That's been what's been goin' on in my rusty old noggin for the last month. Time of reckoning or something. And I don't much wish to share. Not really, anyhow. Just sayin'.

And, ooh, what I would DO for an ice cream sandwich! Breyer's! DOH.