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Monday, June 04, 2007

Holy Size Compensation Issues, Batman

So I've seen some big fat discographies available as torrents, but a 2.11 gb discography for the Butthole Surfers? Geez.

I'll settle for Electriclarryland and Independent Wormhole Saloon, methinks. *

Coffee's brewing. Praise jesus. Curse you, Monday! And on top of that it looks like I'll have to Develop a System for downloading music now. Download. Burn to disc. Copy to iBOOK. Copy to 'POD.

Ain't nothing even fucking remotely "plug'n'play" about that. Bastard!

Still, I'm actually in an awesome mood this morning. Just am. And now for the return of... Coffee!

*I've listened to the Buttholes for years and should've seen them at the PNE when I had a chance during some skate festival years back, but I thought it was killer funny when I found out an old co-worker saw 'em at the Commodore on acid only to discover Gibby Haynes in a land unto himself and a large screen projecting footage of abortions and such. I take it she didn't enjoy herself. I still would've killed to see a gig.