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Thursday, April 12, 2007

There's Hockey, and Then There's HOCKEY

The Canucks got outplayed until overtime, and then they started pouring on the heat. Boy oh BOY.

There's them that think the first game in a series doesn't amount to much in the long run, but they ain't been talking about the sixth longest game in hockey history!

HILARIOUS. Wikipedia's already been updated and the game ended 11 minutes ago! Look here.

Someone evidently didn't like the game's outcome and in the entry on the Wiki page for longest NHL OT games in playoff history wrote "FLUKE CANUCKS SUCK BALLS" for the Canucks' historic game in the table down below. But obviously that's some ill-bred uninformed loser of a fan who fails to realize most of these "game-winning" mega-OT goals tend to be pretty damned ugly and flukeish.

They're a Stars fan, though, so maybe I should type slower? C a n y o u f o l l o w m e n o w , D a l l a s ? Snicker.

The Stars came back from a 4-2 drubbing just to get smote by the mighty Canucks after nearly four extra periods. Bet they wish they had that fourth goal back NOW, huh? That'll teach them to aspire to greatness! Silly wabbits. They can go cry in their puddles of sweat, then write 100 lines of: "I will not score game-tying goals I cannot back up."

I've not been into hockey at all this year. I was holding off until I saw whether they got into the playoffs, and even then I didn't want to get into it... I thought it would be too hard to follow them and then see them ousted in the first series or something like they have been for the last god-knows-how-many years.

I was actually AT the game where the Canucks got waxed by the Minnesota Twins in game 7 and some burly meathead motherfucker tossed a beer at the ice after the game, only his throw was as lame-assed stupid as he clearly was, and the beer hit me instead. After that, the strike happened. Then last year the Canucks sucked ass anyhow. So, I've been away from the game for a while. Go figger. Just another fickle wench, it seems. (In my defense, until these past two years, I have followed the Canucks religiously since my 16th year.)

But it's nice to be back. There's nothing like these epic bloodbath overtimes that only happen in the playoffs. I'm not sure, but I think NHL hockey is the only sport that goes on and on in the event of a tie in the playoffs. Beats the shit out of the shootout when you're the fan soaking in the heated contest, I tell ya! Even if it is 12:56 on a school night... Fuck shootouts. Long live the Canadian way of duking it out till the second-best guy drops. Our true north strong and free, indeed!

(Okay, so the photo is of Daniel Sedin, not the game-winning scorer Henrik Sedin, but they're TWINS, so deal with it! Pretend, wouldja?)

As I thought might happen, the Wiki post has been edited by someone a little less boneheaded now and the "FLUKE" line has been removed. Yay.