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Monday, April 09, 2007

Bitching, Weather, A Movie, And More Bitching

There are a number of "good" weather sites one can check for local weather. All of them, presumably, are pretty accurate in the 24-48 hour window of things. This is because weather, they will tell you, is an increasingly predictable science. One measures things like barometric pressure, fronts, ridges, moisture, wind, and so forth, and by using an astute combination of data, judgment, odds, and reason, one tends to come up with what is then the meteorological forecast. Am I right or am I right?

Yet none of the major weather sites for weather in Vancouver comes even close to agreeing on what's to transpire over the next 48 hours here on the Left / West / Wet Coast. Perfectly sunny/zero precip, rainy, mixed bag -- whatever, it's all over the place.

And this, THIS is why I have asthma like a fucking Yo-yo. Up down, all around. Geez.

Unstable weather mass? Fuck, man. I liked "unstable" better when it was the modifier for certain people I know. Whatever.

Here's hoping one of the three is right and sunshine's to be had by the afternoon tomorrow. I'd like to get cracking on another bike ride. Maybe one will be had any which way. We'll see how I'm feeling. Hopefully it'll no longer be aptly put if I were to describe myself as "exasperated".


On a friend's recommendation, I saw the Brit gangster flick Layer Cake tonight. That thing's got more twists and turns than Highway 101, man. Beauty! Smart. I may have to watch it again over the next 10 days or so and see how it all pieces together. There's no one able to do caper flicks as well as the Brits, man. I suspect Tarantino's secretly a Limey Wop gone Yank, but hey, I've been known to be wrong periodically.

Nonetheless, Layer CakeI highly recommend to anyone not getting enough iron or blood'n'guts in their diets. Crack open a beer, grab some wood, and soak it all in. Fun to be had by all.


I really, really fucking hate the rain. Can I say that? I know there's this new Oprah-inspired "stop complaining" kick and all, but she should move here for the winter months and then tell us complaining about the weather is passe. This winter we've tried to break a number of records -- most storms, worst storm, most daily rainfall, most rain in a month (nearly went for two -- Nov & Mar), most snow, most destruction, most flood watches, yada fucking yada.

Me, I'm a human barometer. A front looms, my head can tell you. Heat wave coming on? I'll retain water like a sponge under a leaky pipe. I'm fed right up. I want FIVE DAYS of CONSISTENT WEATHER, PREFERABLY THE ARID WARM SORT. Thanks. A week will have me on the verge of going back to the church again, I swear.

It's winters like these when you wonder if Nietzsche had it right and God really is dead, or at least on one hell of a sabbatical.

Well, now I lay me down to sleep with dreams of weather sorting itself out by dawn. I mean, geez, the weather dudes should at least reach a concensus when there's less than 12 hours before the forecast matures, shouldn't they? Or am I crossing into that muddy field of optimists being fools? Surely the Rand quote was it's idealists are fools, but nonetheless. The shoe fits, ergo it's getting worn.

With that, tah, my good readers. I've a 10 hour date with some ZzZzZzs.